crushworthy next door TV's Most Crushworthy Boys & Girls Next Door: Nina Dobrev? Jared Padalecki? Cory Montieth? Vote!

In Zap2it‘s TV’s Most Crushworthy battle, we’ve covered vampires, villains, doctors, and lawyers… but now, we’re celebrating the regular folks. After all, without the boy-next-door type, the bad boy would just be a jerk in a leather jacket!

Whether your high school’s artsy cheerleader or the prankster who works one cubicle over, they all fall into that safe, sweet category — and they definitely still have heartbreaker potential. Vote for your favorite guy- or girl-next-door type in the polls below.

We’ll narrow it down next week and wrangle your top pics for our Ultimate Crush face-off at the end of the month. To check out all the categories, click over to
our TV’s Most Crushworthy page.

UPDATE: Polls closed! Vote in the next round here.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie