crushworthy dead characters TV's Most Crushworthy dearly departed: Mischa Barton? Ian Somerhalder? Amber Benson? Vote now!UPDATE: These polls have closed, but you can cast your vote for the two finalists in each survey over here as we continue the search for TV’s Ultimate Crush. Polls in the runoff close Feb. 27.

When a character dies on a TV series, it can be a heart-wrenching moment. If you’ve grown attached to the person on screen, it’s not uncommon to feel a real sense of loss when they’re written out.

It’s also not uncommon for fans to continue carrying a torch for some of those characters, which brings us to the subject of the latest poll in Zap2it’s TV’s Most Crushworthy series. Simply put, which of these characters who died before their show’s run ended would you have most liked to have back?

We’re talking only about characters who died on-screen, not those who left shows for other reasons. (So that’s why, say, George Clooney‘s “ER” character isn’t in the poll below.) In a couple cases, a character’s death is the starting point for a show, but we really would have liked to know them more when they were alive.

Cast your votes below We’ll announce the winners in this and all the other TV’s Most Crushworthy categories in the coming weeks, and the winners will then square off to see who is television’s Ultimate Crush.

Posted by:Rick Porter