crushworthy doctors TV's Most Crushworthy Doctors and Nurses: George Clooney? Rachel Bilson? Patrick Dempsey? Vote now!UPDATE: Voting has closed for this round. You can still, however, vote for the finalsts through Feb. 27.

So, we get that characters on television are generally better-looking than their real-life counterparts. But is it us, or are the staffs of hospitals on medical shows an extra degree of pretty?

The popularity of the genre and the high number of handsome/gorgeous actors who work on medical shows made for a rather long list of candidates in this installment of Zap2it’s TV’s Most Crushworthy polls. Even if we hadn’t ventured outside “ER,” “House” and “Grey’s Anatomy,” we still would have had a pretty good list.

But we did. It’s a pretty big list, you guys, maybe rivaled only by the law-enforcement group we posted earlier this week. Be sure to vote in that and all of the TV’s Most Crushworthy polls. Winners in each category will be revealed in the coming weeks, and they’ll then square off for the title of TV’s Ultimate Crush.

Posted by:Rick Porter