crushworthy dorks TV's Most Crushworthy Nerds/Dorks/Outcasts: Zooey Deschanel? James Franco? Adam Brody? Vote now!In the TV world, even the dorkiest of outcasts are impossibly attractive. Why else would we have lusted just as hard after nerdy Seth Cohen on “The O.C.” as we did over reformed bad boy Ryan Atwood?

There’s no shortage of dorks on TV nowadays, either. Take Zooey Deschanel‘s Jess Day on “New Girl,” for example: she’s both insanely gorgeous and also the weirdest TV character we’ve met onscreen in years. The marketing campaign for the show even focused on exactly how “adorkable” she is.

And let’s not forget about the McKinley High gang from “Glee” or those socially awkward super-nerds from “The Big Bang Theory,” either.

Cast your votes for your favorite TV nerds, dorks and outcasts Zap2it has compiled below. We’ll announce the winners in this and all the other TV’s Most Crushworthy categories in the coming weeks, and the winners will then square off to see who is television’s Ultimate Crush.

Posted by:Jean Bentley