crushworthy reality hosts1 getty TV's Most Crushworthy Reality Judges/Hosts: Ryan Seacrest? Tyra Banks? Mario Lopez? Vote!Reality contestants come and go, but hosts are here forever. And as much as shows look to cast the hottest talent to be the next “Top Model,” “Survivor” or “Bachelor,” the hosts are proving to be an important draw to these reality shows too.

Zap2it has put together a list of the hottest reality show judges/hosts for our TV’s Most Crushworthy Reality Personalities category. So do you like the ruggedness of Jeff Probst or metrosexuality of Ryan Seacrest? Are you a fan of the uber-hotness of Heidi Klum or are you a Carmen Electra fan?

Vote now! The top two will face off, then the winners of each category will face off for the Ultimate TV Crush. To check out all the categories, click over to our TV’s Most Crushworthy page.

Posted by:David Eckstein