crushworthy silver foxes2 TV's Most Crushworthy Silver Foxes: Jim Beaver vs. Mark Harmon, Betty White vs. Helen MirrenLast week, Zap2it asked our readers to make some tough decisions in our TV’s Most Crushworthy competition. This week, we’re narrowing the field yet again as we seek out the Ultimate TV Crush in the Silver Foxes round of the battle.

In the mens’ category, it’s come down to “Supernatural‘s” dearly departed Bobby (Jim Beaver) vs. “NCIS” lead Gibbs (Mark Harmon). In our experience, “Supernatural” fans can win basically any internet poll ever, so it’s no surprise that in the first round, Bobby had over 60% of the vote. That said, with “NCIS’s” larger audience, we wouldn’t be surprised if Gibbs give him a run for his money in this second round.

The women’s category is a much closer race. In the end, it came down to Helen Mirren’s “Prime Suspect” character, Jane Tennison, vs. the beloved Rose Nylund (Betty White) from “Golden Girls.” They had some stiff competition — White’s “Hot in Cleveland” character nearly beat Rose out, and Martha Rodgers (Susan Sullivan) from “Castle” wasn’t far behind either.

So who is your most crushworthy? Get your vote on below and don’t forget to spread this link to your friends! The other categories can be found here, in case you haven’t had the chance to vote for your fave yet. The polls close on Monday, so get clicking!

UPDATE: THIS ROUND IS CLOSED! Find out who won this round — and help us determine TV’s Ultimate Crush — by clicking here!

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie