zap silver foxes main TV's Most Crushworthy Silver Foxes: Tom Selleck? Helen Mirren? Betty White? Vote now!The AARP crowd may not typically be the subject of our lusty fantasies, but that’s not to say there aren’t some swoon-worthy Mrs. (or Mr.) Robinsons among the silver-haired set.

Maturity can be totally attractive. Just look at Susan Sarandon and her stint on “Rescue Me,” the seasoned detectives on “Law & Order” and John Slattery’s Roger Sterling. And everybody knows that power brings a certain cache — Martin Sheen’s President Bartlet from “The West Wing,” for example.

Cast your vote for your favorite TV characters from the retired set in the list Zap2it has compiled below. And be sure to vote in all of the TV’s Most Crushworthy polls. Winners in each category will be revealed in the coming weeks, and then they’ll square off for the title of TV’s Ultimate Crush. 

UPDATE: Polls are closed! Vote in the next round here.

Posted by:Jennifer Harper