crushworthy villains finished TV's Most Crushworthy Villains: Joseph Morgan vs. Mark Pellegrino and Genevieve Padalecki vs. Katie McGrathLast week we asked you to vote in our TV’s Most Crushworthy competition. This week, we’ve got the finalists in the TV’s Most Crushworthy Villain category. We need your vote to determine the Ultimate TV Crush! Interestingly enough, every one of the four finalists is a supernatural character!

In the men’s category, we’ve got a super close race. On one side, we’ve got Klaus (Joseph Morgan) the sexy vampire villain from “The Vampire Diaries” with 43 percent. Right behind him Mark Pellegrino as Lucifer in “Supernatural” (well, we guess you can’t get much more villain-y than that) with 38 percent. Your vote could make all the difference.

The villainous ladies you love the most are Genevieve Padalecki‘s version of Ruby from “Supernatural” and Katie McGrath as Morgana from “Merlin.” Ruby took the top spot with 35 percent, while Morgana grabbed 24 percent.

Vote now! The polls close on Monday, February 27th.

UPDATE: THIS ROUND IS CLOSED! Find out who won this round — and help us determine TV’s Ultimate Crush — by clicking here!

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