Stepheniemeyer_twilight_290 “Twilight” author Stephenie Meyer is known for writing about bloodsuckers, but did she drain parts of her story from someone else?

Meyer has been accused of stealing from author Jordan Scott’s 2006 novel “The Nocturne” for “Twilight: Breaking Dawn,” the fourth book in the series, according to TMZ. Judging by the examples provided in the complaint, though, the claims probably will evaporate under sunlight.

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The document provided by TMZ, a letter from Scott’s lawyers to the Hachette Book Group, contains 14 pages of supposed similarities, ranging from events in the wedding to sex scenes to dream sequences.

While that sounds bad for Meyer, many of the similarities are shared by decades’ worth of romantic novels.

One example: Meyer’s pregnancy scene reads, “Most of her dark hair was pulled away from her face in a messy knot, but a few strands stuck limply to her forehead and neck, to the sheen of sweat that covered her skin. There was something about her fingers and wrists that looked so fragile it was scary. She was sick. Very sick.”

Fairly standard imagery for a horror-story pregnancy, no?

Scott’s version reads: “Her face was so pale it was frightening; and there were beads of sweat pouring down her forehead. She couldn’t even stand, she was so weak. The sight of her this way terrified me, but for some reason I could not bring myself to look away. She was violently ill, vomiting and scarcely able to catch her breath.”

In the absence of direct phrase stealing, both examples are so boilerplate it’s difficult to see either as plagiarism.

Read more in a PDF of the complaint, courtesy of TMZ.

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