Breaking-Dawn-bed-scene.jpg“Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1” may have a bigger impact on viewers than director Bill Condon intended. According to ABC News, at least nine people have reported suffering seizures during  the movie’s birth scene.

“If you have photosensitive seizures, it may be best for you to avoid seeing this movie,” reads a post to the Epilepsy Foundation of America’s Facebook page.

The scene features lots of blood — but that’s apparently not the problem (though it has been responsible for some fainting). Instead, the culprit is flashes of white light which can apparently disrupt the brain’s neurons, causing them to fire in synch, which apparently results in seizure.

In 1997, several hundred Japanese cartoon viewers were hospitalized when they suffered “Pokemon”-induced seizures, caused by scenes that mimicked strobe lights.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson