bill condon gi 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn' director Bill Condon to fans: 'I'm stoked'Newly hired “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” director Bill Condon is months away from calling “action” on the movie, but he’s already made one smart move.

Condon, the director of “Dreamgirls,” “Gods and Monsters” and “Kinsey,” posted a note to “Twihards, Twifans, Twilight Moms, Team Edward, Team Jacob and Team Switzerland” on the saga’s Facebook page to introduce himself and tell them how excited he is to start work on the final chapter of the “Twilight” story.

“I’m stoked to be getting underway on the adventure of making ‘Breaking Dawn,'” he writes. “As you’ve probably heard, I’ve been given a very warm welcome by Stephenie [Meyer] and Team Summit — who are super-focused, as you know, on getting these movies right.”

He also breaks down his preparation for the movie — reading “Breaking Dawn” twice, repeated viewings of the first two “Twilight” movies and study of other assorted materials from the franchise. “A corner of my office is starting to look like Hot Topic,” he jokes.

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