bella vampire 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2': Bella as a vampire first lookThe official trailer may not be set to debut until March 23 when “The Hunger Games” hits theaters. But on Monday (March 12), the day of “The Hunger Games'” official premiere, “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2” is stealing a little bit of its successor’s thunder.

A teaser trailer that appears to have debuted on Target in-store monitors gives Twi-hards the first look at Bella (Kristen Stewart) as a vampire. For those not keeping up, she was turned into a bloodsucker at the end of “Breaking Dawn Part 1” by her vampire husband, Edward (Robert Pattinson).

In the brief clip (below) — which some quick-thinking fans recorded with their smartphones, we see the new vampire Bella — she’s all cheekbones and eyelashes and pouting crimson lips — talking with Edward. She’s also grasping a piece of paper, torn from “The Merchant of Venice” on which a note is scrawled:

“Gather as many witnesses as you can before the snow sticks to the ground. That’s when they’ll come for us.”


Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson