The release of the final “Twilight” movie ever is now less than two months away, so the coming weeks will bring all sorts of finals in the movie series — the final press junket, the final premiere. Tuesday (Oct. 2) brought the release of the final poster for “Breaking Dawn Part 2.” Behold:

twilight-breaking-dawn-2-final-poster.jpgSummit Entertainment built the hype for the poster release by revealing pieces of it every four hours until it was all assembled at noon ET. The finished poster shows Edward (Robert Pattinson), Bella (Kristen Stewart) and Jacob (Taylor Lautner) running toward the camera with a few other characters trailing behind them. It carries the tagline “The epic finale that will live forever.”

Honestly? Given the buildup to the poster’s release, we were expecting something a little more. This is a pretty standard one-sheet, and beyond it being the Last “Twilight” Movie Poster Ever, it doesn’t strike us as anything special. (The movie, incidentally, opens Nov. 16.)

What do you think, Twihards? Is the final poster worthy of the heavily hyped unveiling?

Posted by:Rick Porter