The Dish Rag caught up with “Twilight” director Catherine Hardwicke at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday night when she was chatting about her upcoming projects. At the time, she wasn't sure which would get the green light first.

Now Entertainment Weekly is reporting that she will direct her old pal Emile Hirsch (Remember “Lords of Dogtown?") in a modern-day supernatural thriller based on Shakespeare's “Hamlet.”

The concept came from Hirsch. Hardwicke and screenwriter Ron Nyswaner (“Philadelphia”) have decided to move the drama to a small East Coast liberal arts college where Hamlet's father is the president.

The story starts with Hamlet (Hirsch) returning home for his father's funeral, and finding out that his uncle is responsible for his father's murder and probably having an affair with his mother.

Wonder who'll play Ophelia?

Nothing against Emile, but we kinda wish Kristen Stewart was playing Ophelia and Robert Pattinson was the brooding Hamlet.

Brush up on your iambic pentameter. Word is the film will use Willie the Shake’s original prose.

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