Have you started your “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” countdown clocks yet? It’s only seven months and two days away.

Until then — assuming you’ve already seen “New Moon” a couple of times and have moved on to anticipating the next installment — you can gaze upon this, the teaser poster for the third film in the “Twilight” franchise:

eclipse teaseronesheet 'Twilight: Eclipse' releases (lame) teaser poster

OK, maybe that won’t hold you over for very long, because there’s not a whole lot there, is there? There’s the word “eclipse” in the special “Twilight” font, a visual representation of a solar eclipse, the release date and some dark clouds. I suppose Summit Entertainment was going for “brooding,” but it came out more “boring.”

What do you think of the “Eclipse” poster? There’s not a lot to grab onto, right?

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Photo credit: Summit Entertainment
Posted by:Rick Porter