casey james american idol vampire 320 'Twilight' inspires 'American Idol' vampiric Ford adThe “Twilight” influence is everywhere, even on America’s biggest reality show.

The remaining six “American Idol” contestants found themselves in their own eerie vampire fantasy on Wednesday’s (April 28) results show thanks to those weekly Ford commercials.

Everyone — except for Michael Lynche — got vamped out complete with fangs, period-punk attire, colored contacts, and startling makeup.

We gotta admit that the costume, hair and makeup people did a pretty good job. We especially liked how Crystal Bowersox, Siobhan Magnus and Casey James looked. Maybe it’s that long hair on all three?

And hey, for once, Crystal doesn’t look totally awkward!

We’re still looking for video, especially since “Idol” also taped a pretty nifty behind-the-scenes of the six getting ready to shoot. In the meantime, here’s a rundown of the music video for “Believe.”
american idol vampires ford trio 320 'Twilight' inspires 'American Idol' vampiric Ford ad
Michael Lynche is a just a poor, blood-pumping human driving down a lonely dark road in his Ford convertible when he’s stopped by three figures in the road: Vampire Crystal, Lee DeWyze and Siobhan. They all get fun closeups when they flash their fangs.

And then Vampire Casey and Aaron Kelly appear in his back seat. What’s an aspiring “American Idol” to do?

Offer them some pizza of course. Big Mike opens up his delivery box and flashes the pie at them, causing them to cower and then disappear. It turns out, as we discover from a note on the outside of the pizza box, that he had ordered “Extra Garlic.”

Okay, that was totally cheesy (and garlicky) but it was our favorite Ford ad from this year so far. What’s yours?

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