And all this time, we thought “Twilight” werewolf hottieTaylor Lautner — who beefed up for his shirtless werewolf role in “New Moon” — was a sure thing to be Calvin Klein’s new underwear man.

]]>He’d been warming up — so to speak — by wearing several Klein suits to big events. And then he started flirting with some Giorgio Armani wear and is reportedly considering promoting the Armani Exchange line and fragrances. 

But it turns out that the new Calvin Klein underwear model is — ta-dah! — another “Twilight” star, Kellan Lutz! 
According to Fox News, “Kellan has been signed for a huge campaign that will have him in his skivvies all over billboards and in magazines.” He’s gonna be the New Mark Wahlberg (a.k.a. Marky Mark)
On consideration, The Dish Rag thinks Lutz is probably the best guy to fill out the designer’s manties. He’s a sweetheart, devoted to his fans and hasn’t been overexposed. Yet.
The Dish Rag also knows on good authority that Calvin Klein tends to cast their campaigns with the “next big thing” or some under-the-radar gems who are perhaps on the cusp of something major but not quite there yet. We wonder if Taylor nixed (or was nixed from consideration) because the undies gig would be too much exposure or overexposure depending on who you ask at this point. Besides enough with the shirtless jokes already, right, Taylor? SNL helped you reach your quota for now.
Calvin Klein underwear is a perfect fit for Lutz, who hasn’t been seen much without his shirt probably because he gets all sparkly. And it’s not like the CK nearly naked campaign hurt Mark Wahlberg’s career, right? 
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