twilight new moon robert pattinson dvd 'Twilight: New Moon' deleted scenes: Angry Edward, bikesIf you can’t get enough of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in their new movies, check them out in the “Twilight: New Moon” deleted scenes.

The “New Moon” scenes off the DVD (on sale Saturday, March 20) were the ones left on the cutting room floor for various reasons.

In this first clip, we see Edward driving Bella home after her notorious birthday party that was stopped short by a paper cut. Blood around vampires? Not a good idea. Edward is less than pleased, which makes him broodier than ever.

Check it out:


Best line: “Stop, I don’t want normal. I want you.”

In this next scene, we see how Bella’s dad disapproves of motorcycles. Ah, if he only knew how a bike would be involved in getting Bella closer to Jacob later.

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