chrisweitz 290 'Twilight: New Moon' director moves on; 'Howling' resurrectedChris Weitz, director of the blockbuster “Twilight: New Moon,” intends to take a break from the supernatural and take up gardening.

No, it’s not a new hobby but his next project, “The Gardener,” his next film for Summit Entertainment that will revolve around a immigrant Mexican gardener in Los Angeles from an Eric Eason screenplay, according to Variety.

Production is scheduled to begin in March or April.

“New Moon,” the second in the popular “Twilight” series by author Stephenie Meyer, raked in more than $140 million at the domestic box office in its first weekend out.

In other werewolf news, “The Howling: Reborn” will revamp the popular lycanthrope franchise with director Joe Nimziki. The original “Howling,” by Joe Dante” had led to six sequels. Shooting on “Reborn” will begin in February, aiming for a Halloweeen 2010 release.

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‘Twilight: New Moon’ mania rakes in $140 million opening weekend

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Posted by:Hanh Nguyen