It’s about time Jacob was represented in doll form, and boy, was it worth the wait.

Mattel outdid itself this time around immortalizing Taylor Lautner, who plays wolfie shapeshifter/hero Jacob in “Twilight: New Moon,” as a Barbie doll.

When Zap2it reported on the Bella and Edward dolls (check ’em out) earlier this year, we noted that we were looking forward to the Jacob doll since he’d offer a nice contrast to Edward’s pasty complexion with his tan.

Well, the folks at Mattel give you ample opportunity to look at that tan (such as it is for a Barbie doll) since the only clothes the Jacob doll wears is ripped denim shorts and sneakers. His well-defined six-pack abs are molded in loving, tiny detail for all the girls to wash their tiny Barbie laundry on. One request: Could he have a sleeping bag accessory, please? Thank you.

taylorlautner barbie 'Twilight: New Moon' Jacob Barbie doll goes shirtless

All kidding aside, Mattel did actually do a pretty good job. The Jacob hair is pretty accurate, much more restrained than any Ken hair, and the face kind of looks like Taylor too. We also like the tattoo detail.

Sadly, the Jacob doll won’t be for sale till February, which is coincidentally when Taylor turns 18. Hmm, are the Twi-Moms going to stampede the Toys R Us stores for their very own Jacob doll then? Yeah, that’s still kind of creepy.

Whaddya think? A good job? Will you buy? Do you already have Bella and Edward?

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