Inappropriateness seems to be spreading like a virus in Hollywood.

First, Carrie Prejean unplugs her microphone and threatens to walk off Larry King’s show when the talk show host dares to ask her why she dropped her lawsuit. 

“You’re being inappropriate, Larry,” Prejean said as she got ready to leave the set.

Now watch Robert Pattinson cut short Ryan Seacrest’s “New Moon” premiere interview.

]]>Ryan made the fatal inappropriate error of asking how Rob handles the rumors regarding Kristen Stewart. Now call us crazy but how could Pattison leave a brother hangin’ when it was just 24 hours ago that Seacrest was on “The Ellen DeGeneres” Show professing his undying affection for the “Twilight” star.

Isn’t this making a mountain out of a molehill?

Or are the Summit publicists worried that it will spoil the “New Moon” experience if fans find out A) Rob and Kristen are really dating. B) Rob and Kristen aren’t really dating. or C) Kristen’s really dating Dakota Fanning

Joke, it’s a joke.

We feel pretty sure that Rob could dodge a question like this with humor and aplomb.

(And for the record, we were expressing ourselves Bon Qui Qui-style in the headline. “Se-kur-ity” is not misspelled).  You’ll understand after watching this:

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Video: Ryan Seacrest Productions/Mad TV-Fox

Posted by:Elizabeth Snead