Anna Kendrick — who plays Kristen Stewart‘s human chatterbox BFF — told the Dish Rag that she felt like a “rock star” at the “Twilight: New Moon” premiere.
She must feel even more like one today after “New Moon’s” record-shattering opening day.

]]>Not only is she in the top grossing one day film in history. Yes, that would be “New Moon,” which broke records ($72 million) for Friday’s tally. 

But she’s also being talked about for an Oscar nod for her role — literally the broken heart and hopeful soul of the film  — in “Up in the Air” with George Clooney and Vera Farmiga.
“New Moon” broke box office records yesterday and is predicted to hit $125 million this weekend. 
And we all know what that means: FASHION PRESSURE!
From the looks of her adorable sparkly outfit (and she can even spell the designer name, more than most actresses can do) on the “New Moon” carpet, we think she’ll handle the awards season with ease. 
But what a career breakthrough. Just imagine being in a film with three of the hottest actors in Hollywood: Clooney, Taylor Lautner AND Robert Pattinson.  We could like die a happy gal after that.
We’re set to chat with Anna this afternoon at the “Up in the Air” junket. 
We’ll have a full report on working with these hot guys. Sorry, no kissing scenes.
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