kristen-stewart-today copy.jpgKristen Stewart has been making the press rounds today promoting “Twilight: New Moon.” Is she giving the same answers in every interview? Video below.

Kristen definitely has a couple go-to jokes. Regarding the “Twilight” phenomenon, she becomes self-deprecating by saying that she’s used to “being in movies that nobody sees.” She also likes to boil the movie down to “My best friend’s a werewolf, my boyfriend’s a vampire,” which always gets a laugh. Fair enough, K-Stew.

Canned humor aside, in comparing her interviews with Taylor Lautner’s appearance on ‘Jay Leno’ Monday night, you can definitely tell what the kids were instructed to say the movie is about. Lautner said of “New Moon” that “It takes what Edward and Bella
developed in ‘Twilight,’ which is this beautiful romance, and it
destroys it at the beginning.”

Stewart says, “The perfect love that we present in the first one is
completely shattered and you see this woman become a woman, she builds
herself back up again from nothing and I think you need that in order
to completely subject yourself to something so much greater than you blahblahblah.”

Stewart isn’t quite the relaxed, charismatic interview that Taylor Lautner is.She’s kind of emo, actually. But in all fairness, she probably just isn’t as outgoing as Lautner.

Regarding “The Runaways,” Stewart’s new movie where she plays rocker Joan Jett, she has said in both interviews that Jett has become “one of her closest friends.” Stewart also assures us she did her own singing in the biopic.

Finally, when pressed to say which boy is better for Bella, Stewart says, “The vampire.”

We’ll be back later to update on whether Stewart loosens up on “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.”

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