robert-pattinson-regis-kelly copy.jpgWhen “Twilight: New Moon” star Robert Pattinson was asked by Regis Philbin what the vampire attraction is for women, he responded, “Just the biting.” Video below.

It seems like biting is the hot topic of conversation in R-Patz interviews — David Letterman touched on that too. Either way, Robert Pattinson is a delightful interview. He’s playful and funny. When Kelly Ripa pointed out a group of “Twilight” moms who were in the audience, Pattinson responded, “They always claim to be ‘Twilight’ moms and they always look too young.” Smooth, Rob.

Regis and Kelly were curious about why he took the role because he couldn’t possibly have known how huge “Twilight” was going to be. Pattinson says he “wanted to do an American film, that’s the only thing I thought about. I hadn’t worked in America before and I liked the idea of it.”

Kelly Ripa obviously knows her “Twilight” canon (or at least watched a lot of “Buffy”), because she asks if it is possible for a vampire to have a soul. Regis acts like he’s never heard such a hard-hitting interview question. Pattinson answers, “That’s the central premise for ‘New Moon’ … Edward’s a bit of a defeatist.”

“Twilight: New Moon” hits theaters Friday, Nov. 20 at 12:01 am.

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