Thumbnail image for 50428588.jpgThe competition between Team Edward and Team Jacob is heating up as the opening day of “New Moon” draws nigh.  It’s almost as fierce as the battle between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primary.

Lets face it, everyone has a favorite whether you’re a ‘Twihard’ or closeted ‘Twilight’ fan. Even celebrities are picking sides — Robert Pattinson or Taylor Lautner? — and some are even changing teams.
I know. I know. Blasphemy!

]]>Martha Stewart has admitted to having dreams about Robert Pattinson. 

Heather Loclklear’s daughter Ava Sambora told us at the “Moon” premiere that she’s totally Team Edward. 

“I had issues with Jacob — that he was just, like, manipulating (Bella) and messing with her, especially when Edward came back in the picture. … I feel bad because I think I take it out on Taylor (Lautner). I hate Jacob.” said “Hills” star Stephanie Pratt.  With a brother as manipulative as Spencer, its no wonder she’s a little sensitive on this isssue

Jimmy Kimmel can’t pick a side. ,”I think it’s racist to pick between vampires and werewolves. So, I’ll say that I love all monsters equally.”

“I have to choose one of them? I don’t know, I guess Team Jacob, because I want to be a good friend,” said Selena Gomez.

“I’m kinda Team Edward, I’m kinda Team Jim. I’m kinda Team … Stanley.”- That’s from Will Ferrell.

Some quotes from MTV and E!

Kevin Smiths daughter Harley told us that she was Team Edward but switched to Jacob. 
(Me too, after seeing the film last week at a junket screening)
And Kevin himself wondered, “Why not Team Silent Bob?
Yeah, that’s be a whole different movie.
This competition is not going away. Both Robert and Taylor were nominated for People’s Choice Awards, although in different categories.
Will both win? Probably. Tell us more celebrities you’ve seen around the web picking sides so we can add them to this list.
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