lautner pattinson 'Twilight: New Moon': Team Edward vs Team Jacob equals no contestMaybe the “Twilight: New Moon” fans can help straighten me out — I just don’t see a contest between these teams. Edward wins, hands down.

Sure, Taylor Lautner may be so preternaturally beautiful that all we do when we look upon his visage is weep. But he’s only 17, so that can’t be an excuse.

Let me give you some background: I haven’t seen “Twilight” yet and obviously “New Moon” isn’t out. I just started reading the series because I like to have read the books before I see the movie adaptation. Now that I’ve read “Twilight,” “New Moon” and “Eclipse,” (“Breaking Dawn” will be finished this week), I don’t understand the Team Edward/Team Jacob phenomenon.

The books make it perfectly clear that Edward is the one for Bella. He’s her soulmate. They were irrevocably drawn to one another; they complete one another. There has never been any indication that Bella has those kinds of feelings for Jacob. There IS no love triangle. She even very explicitly compares Jacob to Paris from “Romeo & Juliet.” If Edward never came back, Bella could see herself settling for Jacob because he would make her happy. But the key word is “settling.” There was NO spark there, not from her end.

On top of Bella’s feelings, there’s the fact that Edward starts to handle Jacob much more maturely than Jacob handles Edward. Edward is supportive of Bella and her happiness. You cannot say the same about Jacob. He is much more insensitive towards her feelings, being blinded by family tales and prejudice.

Maybe my opinion will change when I read “Breaking Dawn.” Maybe the movies portray these relationships as more of a love triangle. But as it stands right now, having read the first three books in the “Twilight” saga — it’s the difference between loving someone and being IN LOVE with someone. I just don’t see how anyone can think Bella belongs with Jacob.

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