rachellelefevre twilight 290 'Twilight: New Moon's Rachelle Lefevre claims fan support in 'Eclipse' flapAfter being abruptly replaced in the cast of “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” Rachelle Lefevre says fan support has kept her spirits up.

Lefevre was replaced with Bryce Dallas Howard for “Eclipse,” supposedly over scheduling conflicts. (The actress accepted a role on the independent film “Barney’s Version,” but has claimed she would have been able to shoot both movies.) Afterward, Lefevre tells Extra, fans leapt to her defense.

“I’m on Twitter and I remember opening up my Twitter… somehow in 140 characters my fans managed to write me things that were so unbelievable,” the actress says. “[O]n YouTube… a bunch of fans from all over the world made me a tribute video. This girl from Australia collected stuff from all over the world. I mean they’ve just been incredible. I wrote on Twitter: ‘If I could travel the world and hug you all personally, I would’ — because they really carried me through.”

Though the character of Victoria is more prominent in “Eclipse” and barely figures in the book version of “New Moon,” Lefevre says screenplay writer Melissa Rosenberg beefed up the role for the second “Twilight” movie.

“They wrote a lot of fun stuff for me from ‘Twilight’ to ‘New Moon,'” she says. “In the book, Victoria is not that present and they really did their best. Melissa Rosenberg, our screenwriter, told me that she loved writing Victoria and there was great room for that. So she wrote a lot of stuff for me. I really hope it makes it into the film. You never know, because I haven’t seen it.”

“New Moon” opens Nov. 20.

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