robertpattinson twilight 290 'Twilight: New Moon's Robert Pattinson mulls his newfound fameWe’ve heard from the werewolf and the human, and now finally the vampire is talking about “The Twilight Saga: New Moon.”

Robert Pattinson, who plays bloodsucker Edward Cullen, has kept a lower profile than co-stars Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner. He’s finally coming forward… at least abroad.

Pattinson sat down with the French edition of Premiere to mostly talk about how he’s coped with the “Twilight” series’ rocket trip to superstardom. As is common with this new crop of sudden stars, the actor is uncomfortable and often unaware of his own fame.

“I was in a restaurant during a break [at Cannes], and when I came out two hours later, 500 people were waiting for me at the exit,” he tells the magazine. “It was total chaos. I’m sure that if I told one of those girls ‘come, let’s go have breakfast,’ she would have been totally embarrassed and would never scream my name again.”

Though he glosses over rumors of a romantic relationship, Pattinson also says Stewart kept him grounded when the “Twilight” effect did get to him. Looks like she did a good job:

“I was getting really paranoid. If tomorrow I say ‘OK, I’ve had enough we’re stopping everything’ it won’t change anything. Might as well try to accept it and stay Zen as I have no control over it. It’s not always easy. But whining won’t change anything.”

For more, read the September version of Premiere… in France.

“New Moon” opens nationwide on Nov. 20.

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