taylorlautner mtvmovieawards 290 'Twilight: New Moon's Taylor Lautner: 'New Moon' is for the guysHey, guys, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” isn’t just a convenient way to get your special lady to cuddle up.

Star Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob Black, tells Empire magazine men in the audience will appreciate his character’s evolution from boy in “Twilight” to man… well, wolfman.

“In ‘Twilight,’ Jacob is this happy-go-lucky kid, but in ‘New Moon’ when he shapeshifts into his wolf self, he becomes a totally different person,” Lautner says. “It was almost a split personality in the same movie and sometimes even in the same day.”

Director Chris Weitz says hunky vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) probably drove off the male audience for the first movie. That changes for “New Moon.”

“You’ve got the werewolves coming in, and the effects are going to be great on that part of the movie,” Weitz tells Empire. “Also, there’s more fighting and that should appeal to the boys. There is also a male character, Jacob, who is inherently a more viable character for most boys because he’s like an ordinary guy. He works on cars, whereas Edward is a perfect man, and maybe he only appeals to perfect men. That makes the demographic rather small! So there’s more of a way into this one — we do hope to up the male demographic!”

Read more in the magazine’s November issue. “New Moon” opens in theaters Nov. 20.

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