taylor lautner leno 'Twilight: New Moon's' Taylor Lautner on 'The Jay Leno Show'Looking quite dapper in a gray suit, “Twilight: New Moon” star Taylor Lautner throws the pigskin around with Jerry Rice and shows Jay Leno an exclusive  “New Moon” clip.

If you’re a Team Jacob member (or even if you’re not), you should definitely check out Taylor Lautner on “Jay Leno.” He’s so cute, we could just… ruffle his hair and give him a lifesaver, as he is only 17 years old. Lautner starts off by relaying a story to Jay about the fans. If you think teenage girls are crazy, apparently you should see their mothers.

“One of the most shocking [fan encounters]… we were at an autograph signing, I think it was in Denver. There was a mother in her-mid 40s and a teenage daughter and the mother is like shaking, doing this dance, getting all ready and the daughter is just, like, chilling. The mother gets up there and goes, ‘Excuse me, Taylor. I’m wearing the Team Taylor panties right now, is there any way I can take them off and have you sign them?’ [laughs] …Our ‘Twilight” moms are passionate.” Luckily, security assured the mom that she would NOT be taking off her panties.

Speaking of older fans, apparently the “Twilight” cast members like to hang out at the senior citizens’ bowling alley to escape all the crazed fans when they wanted to go out in Vancouver during filming. Video below.

When talk sports, Taylor says his favorite football players of all-time are Brett Favre, Joe Montana, Jerry Rice and Barry Sanders. Jay then brings out Jerry Rice for Taylor to throw the ball around with, as a way of “earning his plug.” After that, he’s allowed to show his clip of “New Moon.”

The clip is of Jacob scaling the side of Bella’s house and swooping into her bedroom window, then informing her he has a secret that he literally cannot tell her. It’s all very dramatic. When asked what “New Moon” is like, he says, “There’s a lot more going on in this one. It takes what Edward and Bella developed in “Twilight,” which is this beautiful romance, and it destroys it at the beginning, when Edward leaves. Her best friend, Jacob, a werewolf, takes her out of that depression. Then we develop our relationship.”

taylor lautner nick jessica 'Twilight: New Moon's' Taylor Lautner on 'The Jay Leno Show'Oh, and just in case you were curious: here’s Taylor as a mouseketeer from “The Nick & Jessica Variety Hour.”

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