twilight eclipse oprah 500 'Twilight' on 'Oprah': Kristen Stewart's ring, Taylor Lautner's beef patties and other highlightsThe special “Twilight” episode of “Oprah” Thursday (May 17) is just chock full of “Twilight”-y goodness.

Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner sit down with Oprah Winfrey first to discuss the fandom, their personal lives and behind-the-scenes of making the films. Later, Dakota Fanning joins the trio to discuss her character and growing up in front of the cameras.

The whole show’s a treat, but here are some of our favorite moments, broken down by each person. We’ll add video if it becomes available:

]]>ROBERT PATTINSON  – “[The fandom] is not really about you, so it never really goes to your head. It’s about the fans themselves. They just like doing ‘Twilight’-related things.”
 – When Oprah asks about his learning an American accent, he says, “Kristen thinks I do the most terrible American accent in the world.” He then reveals he had practice doing the accent when he was about 14 … when he wanted to be a rapper. The hardest words to get down: “water,” “pasta” and “nachos.” You’re making us hungry!
 – On being named one of Time’s most influential people: “Three years ago, I wouldn’t have been able to influence my dog to walk.”
 – Besides the Twihard family, R-Patz also knocked on a couple other strangers’ doors to invite them to the show. Highlights: We love it when he laughs, making the fans’ reactions even better, especially when one mom says, “He’s so hot!” kristen stewart oprah 320 'Twilight' on 'Oprah': Kristen Stewart's ring, Taylor Lautner's beef patties and other highlightsKRISTEN STEWART  – She’s so cute at the beginning of the show when she’s overwhelmed by the cheering and hides her smile behind her hand.
 – When Oprah first asks Kristen about being shy and nervous, she gets so flustered, she has to get a hug from Oprah. Aww!
 – “I feel like I probably bring more to Bella than any other character I’ve played. You project yourself onto her because it’s a very vicarious role. She’s totally awkward but she owns it and doesn’t say anything she doesn’t mean.”
 – During their first audition, Kristen knew Rob was the one because it just worked. “I knew [the right chemistry] was the only thing that mattered in the movie. It was a gut thing.” And yes, they had to kiss the first time they met.
 – We already know that Rob had joked Kristen was pregnant when asked if they were dating, but her response is even better: “He likes to shock people because he thinks it’s funny. He’s having the baby. Imagine a baby coming out of this thing (indicates her hips). It’s not going to happen.”
 – We love that she loves her cat: “I’m obsessed with my cat. I have a very Edward and Bella relationship, I’m very co-dependent with my cat.”
 – And what’s with the ring? No, it’s not an engagement ring, but a ring she wore in the first film that she gives to 15-year-old fan Atiya Nelson, who worships Bella and thanks “Twilight” for making her less shy. The ring had to be cut off Kristen when she grew too big. The girl is so young and Kristen is so sweet to her, we actually get a little teary-eyed! taylor lautner oprah 320 'Twilight' on 'Oprah': Kristen Stewart's ring, Taylor Lautner's beef patties and other highlightsTAYLOR LAUTNER  – A fan in the audience holds an “Imprint Me” sign. That’s a werewolf reference, you guys, so if you don’t know it yet, read the books.
 – Besides working out a ton to transform into the bulkier Jacob Black, Taylor also traveled around with a cooler full of beef patties so he could always have protein. “It’s so weird, I’d be talking to someone and it’s like, ‘Can you hold on for a second. I need to eat a beef patty.'”
 – Taylor hates it when fans (or the press) asks him to howl, but for the most part, they’ve stopped asking him.
 – We love when he surprised the Kappa Alpha Theta sorority at UCLA. They’re diehard fans who camped out for the “New Moon” premiere. Oprah says she feared the girls would rip off his shirt, and after watching the clip, Taylor’s face is definitely a little redder. Aww, he’s blushing.
 – Taylor is a big reality TV fan: On Tuesdays and Wednesdays he watches “American Idol,” and on Sundays it’s “The Celebrity Apprentice.”
 – He lives clean and hasn’t ever smoked or had an alcoholic drink. (He is only 18 after all). “Honestly, no. I guess it was the way I was raised by my family.” Plus, we imagine it’d get in the way of all that training.
 – His ideal woman, besides being loyal and honest, has to be fun and funny. “I don’t find myself very funny … so they better be pretty funny.” dakota fanning oprah 320 'Twilight' on 'Oprah': Kristen Stewart's ring, Taylor Lautner's beef patties and other highlightsDAKOTA FANNING  – When Dakota Fanning comes on, we get our first new clip from “Eclipse.” We love how mean she gets playing Jane.
 – “I was glad I got to be the bad vampire with the red eyes. I read all the books in one week. What I love about the story is that so many people of so many ages appreciate and love it.”
 – Her younger sister Elle Fanning and her friends are making a robot at school and have named it ROB-ot Pattinson.
 – We think that Dakota and Kristen’s friendship is so sweet. Kristen says that she calls Dakota for advice because she’s so mature. twimoms oprah 320 'Twilight' on 'Oprah': Kristen Stewart's ring, Taylor Lautner's beef patties and other highlightsOPRAH, ALI WENTWORTH  – The best thing about the “Twilight” mania that Oprah loves? It means that people are reading.
 – She makes a hilarious “Eclipse” reference to Kristen after she talks about how hard it is to give birth. “We know the newborns are harder to deal with.” Oprah is such a Twihard now.
 – Oprah on Taylor’s abs: “That is a six-pack plus.”
 – Wow, the four Twi-moms that Ali Wentworth goes to visit in southern Illinois bring “Twilight” fandom to a new level. Not only do they watch the movies constantly and hold lots of “Twilight”-themed parties, but the also a) hold mini premieres, complete with a tiny red carpet strip (see photo at top), and
b) serve chocolate-covered strawberries at the parties — White for pale vampire Edward and milk/dark chocolate for tanned werewolf Jacob
 – We also get to see one more clip in which Edward and Jacob get into a heated almost-fight over Bella. At the end, Jacob admits, “I kissed Bella.” Uh-oh. What was your favorite part?
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