robert pattinson details cover 'Twilight': Robert Pattinson's naked Details photo shoot“Twilight” star Robert Pattinson did a very revealing interview for the new issue of Details on the topics of fame, disfiguring diseases, God, food, art, beer, girls, his dog, female nudity and covering his testicles.

Robert spoke graphically about the provocative Helmut Newton-esque photo spread for the March issue that features him (clothed) with lots and lots of naked women.

“I really hate vaginas. I’m allergic to vagina. But I can’t say I had no idea, because it was a 12-hour shoot, so you kind of get the picture that these women are going to stay naked after, like, five or six hours. But I wasn’t exactly prepared. I had no idea what to say to these girls. Thank God I was hung over.”

]]>Details website. We see a lot of G-strings, but no you-knows. Maybe you had to be there. And perhaps we’re misreading, but we think we spotted a hint at a possible nude scene in his new film, “Remember Me.” On the topic of covering his privates, the interviewer notes that Pattinson did bare himself during the shooting of the film. And she quotes director Allen Coulter saying, “It was about control, for him, in the beginning. But he wanted forward motion more than he wanted to protect himself. Really brave — especially for a young guy with a big target on his back.” Are we talking a Robert Pattinson nude or sex scene? Has anyone heard anything? Speak up, Pattinsonites. Follow Zap2it’s Dish Rag on Twitter and Facebook for more celebrity news. More ‘Twilight’ dish: EXCLUSIVE: ‘Twilight’ star Michael Welch on ‘Eclipse’ action, a new breed of vampires
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