bronson pelletier public urination 'Twilight Saga' star Bronson Pelletier denies public urination in LAX

Bronson Pelletier is denying what we have come to know as Peegate. “The Twilight Saga” star was arrested recently at Los Angeles International Airport for public intoxication and for reportedly urinating on the airport floor, but he has come forth to claim he was set up by a crazed fan.

“No peeing,” Pelletier tells TMZ. “Peeing did not happen.”

Instead, he says “some guy” had been plying him with drinks at the airport, and then the “same guy” got him kicked off the plane. According to TMZ, Pelletier’s representatives believe that the person was an obsessed fan of the actor. But it’s not that man’s word against Pelletier’s in this case. It’s the officers who responded to a call about a drunken man in the LAX terminal boarding area who say Pelletier had peed in public. This news comes after he was arrested earlier this month for another instance of drunkenness in public.

That’s not the biggest problem in the 25-year-old’s life, though. Pelletier is ordered to appear in court next month over his felony arrest for cocaine and meth possession. Though he tells TMZ “that did not happen,” it remains to be seen what a judge has to say about the situation.

Posted by:Terri Schwartz