book, "Breaking Dawn," will be filmed.

While at Cannes, Pattinson told The Hollywood Reporter the only obstacle is scheduling.

There was some good reason for hesitation on "Breaking Dawn": Stephenie Meyer's fourth and final book in the vampire-human romance addresses questions of abortion and murder for the good of the many. Some in the studio system thought the subject matter may be a bit much for the series' young core audience.

Spoilers follow…

In the book, Bella's half-vampire unborn child threatens to kill her with its birth, prompting questions about whether to carry it to term. Other parties, notably the werewolves and vampire elders, are afraid the child's birth will threaten their existences and the world at large; they contemplate killing Bella to save humanity.

The latest installment, "The Twilight Saga: New Moon," opens Nov. 20.


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