This week Taylor Lautner got the big two thumbs up from director Chris Weitz and author Stephanie Meyer, to stay on as the bigger, bulkier and more mature Jacob in Twilight’s "New Moon."

And just two days later, Tayor was spotted — with "High School Musical" sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens — at the Access Hollywood "Stuff You Must" Golden Globes swag bash this weekend, staged by On 3 Productions.

Hey, these kids make a very cute couple. Are you thinking what we’re thinking? Should Zac Efron be worried?

Also, why shouldn’t this new hottie be seen with VHud and climb aboard the Hollywood Gravy Train?

I’m sure he didn’t make all that much moola from the first movie and may not be making that much on the next ones.

He was probably just grateful to get to stay on and didn’t raise much of a fuss over the salary.

Enjoy the swag and the sweeties, Taylor. You deserve it!

Hey, where’s that 19 pounds he supposedly has gained? I’m not seeing it. Are you?

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