twilight aziz ansari 320 'Twilight' wows 'Parks and Rec's' Aziz AnsariHello, “Twilight” fans. Welcome your new fellow Twihard, Aziz Ansari.

The “Parks and Recreation” star decided to check out what’s up with the whole “Twilight” phenomenon and live tweeted his thoughts as he watched a DVD marathon of the first two films. (Does this mean he got an advance copy of “New Moon”? That’s not on sale till March 20.)

As expected, the comedian goes over the top with his hilarious tweets. A sampling:

“Decided to watch Twilight today. Will live tweet my thoughts.”

“Doesn’t the 6 pack kid turn into wolf in New Moon? Hard to believe a person that turns into wolf is into Twizzlers.”

“Still don’t get it. The tribe descended from wolves? At one point, they evolved from wolfs… into Native American people?”

“Whoa, do the Asian people turn into Dragons or anything? What other ethnicity turns into animals/creatures??? #TwilightAziz”

Ansari’s reaction to seeing a werewolf transformation:

twilight new moon aziz 'Twilight' wows 'Parks and Rec's' Aziz Ansari
More #TwilightAziz tweets:

“2 black dudes in the movie so far: 1 almost kills a girl w/a van & other dude is a vampire. Come on Twilight! Not cool”

“OH S**T! Edward about to beat up like 15 dudes! This will be awesome. Hope they don’t call me into shoot @ParksandRec now!”

“‘I can’t read your mind, you have to tell me what your thinking…’ Now you know how us non-vampire bro’s feel Edward!!”

“‘You better hold on tight spider monkey.’ Same thing I say anytime a date steps in my Kia Sportage.”

“When a Chick-fil-a sandwich is close and the wind is strong, I go straight into James mode. ‘I see you brought a snack.'”

Check out more Aziz Ansari gems on “Parks and Rec” Thursday, March 18 with special guest star Andy Samberg.

Don’t you wish you could watch “Eclipse” with Aziz?  Is he Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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