yellow handkerchief 'Twilight's' Kristen Stewart exclusive on 'Handkerchief' character: 'Starkly different people'
Twilight” star Kristen Stewart‘s new film, “The Yellow Handkerchief,” is about a journey undertaken by three total strangers, a tale of trust, faith, love and redemption.
The “New Moon” actress tells The Dish Rag exclusively about her role and her onscreen relationship with British actor Eddie Redmayne‘s character.


“We play starkly different people,” Kristen admits. Of her “up on her high horse” Martine, she says, “She’s very closed off, very much in her own world,” adding that Martine “would never even look at [Eddie’s character, Gordy] for even five seconds. But they are loners and losers, or they think they’re losers, and then they realize that they’re not. ”
Eddie adds, “We have a prejudgment about the people we get on with,” which causes them, he feels, to “lose an openness of spirit.”  He adds that he has met people through work and was amazed to find a connection and rapport, which makes one realize that “your own prejudgments were massive before that.”  And this film addresses that.
So is this like a sexy vampire falling in love with a human? ‘Cause we can totally get behind that.

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