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“Twilight: Eclipse” star Robert Pattinson opened up about his controversial naked Details magazine spread  — not to put too fine a point on it — on the “Today Show” on Monday (March 1).
Pattinson said he offered to be be naked in Details, but the magazine wanted him clothed with the naked women around him. 
“It started off with me naked and then everyone said just forget it,” he confesses at the end of the interview.

]]>What? They turned down a bare Pattinson! Anyone up for writing some angry letters to the Details editors? They opted for ad bucks to have him wearing designer duds in the editorial and we get naked women? 

Strangely, Matt Lauer didn’t ask RPatz about the allergy he mentioned in that Details profile. We’re still wondering what that means. 
On another note, he was drawn to the film in part because of the 9/11 hook, he “hides” to escape fame and he says he quite likes making vampire films.
“I don’t have anything particularly against vampire [films],” he said. “They’re great fun to work on and people really like them — I could do it for a while longer.”
“Remember Me” also stars Pierce Brosnan and “Lost’s” Emilie de Ravin, and hits theaters March 12.