twin peaks palmer house for sale abc 'Twin Peaks' house for sale: Buy Laura Palmer's home for $500,000

“Twin Peaks” fanatics can now own a piece of the show’s creepy history: The Everett, Washington house that doubled as the home of Laura Palmer is for sale.

Although the official listing for the 4-bed, 1.5 bath house does not mention its connection to the iconic cult series, “Twin Peaks” fan sites have connected the house to the TV show in the past.

What do you get if you pay the $549,950 for the Palmer house? The building dates from 1930 and has a detached garage. There is also a view of the nearby mountain ranges and a partial view of Puget Sound. The idyllic setting is not likely to inspire actual murder.

twin peaks laura palmer house windemere 'Twin Peaks' house for sale: Buy Laura Palmer's home for $500,000Warning: Because of the misleading magic of television, please note that this house is actually about 30 miles from the real-life diners and waterfalls of “Twin Peaks.” Prepare to commute for your cherry pie and coffee.

Posted by:Laurel Brown