twin peaks 320 'Twin Peaks' on Netflix streaming includes broadcast version of pilot episodeExciting news us TVphiles who love the Log Lady, “Invitation to Love” and the Man from Another Place – “Twin Peaks” is now on Netflix streaming.

And even better news – the pilot episode is included in its original broadcast form. See, when “Twin Peaks” first premiered in the U.S., the pilot was a 90-minute TV movie, which wasn’t even available on home video until several years ago. But there was available a European version of the pilot that ran 116 minutes and revealed the answer to the question that plagued households for a year in 1990 – “Who killed Laura Palmer”?

As someone who was too young to see the show when it was first broadcast, but subsequently fell in love with it when she could rent it from the local video store, this is huge. Because when your author first rented it, she watched the pilot from start to finish, not realizing it contained major spoilers at the end.

This TV cult hit was named by Time magazine as one of the best TV shows of all time and it certainly tops our list. It’s funny, scary, absurd – creator/director David Lynch at his finest. Kyle MacLachlan and the supporting cast are wonderful. It has one of the creepiest endings we have ever seen. And even though the fashions are a little dated, the show and the storylines hold up even now.

So if you’ve never watched “Twin Peaks” – now’s your chance. Here’s a clip to whet your whistle – coffee!

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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