avan jogia twisted premiere abc family 'Twisted' winter premiere: Danny reveals the truth about the day Aunt Tara diedWhen “Twisted” took its midseason break, the ABC Family mystery left several plots dangling in the air. Not only was the central question of who murdered Regina still no closer to any resolution, but fans were still wondering just why Danny (Avan Jogia) killed his aunt all those years ago and how his (not) dead dad Vikram was involved in the Regina mess. And then Danny ran, leaving his destination a question mark as well.

When the show returned for its midseason premiere on Tuesday (Feb. 11), it came prepared with answers. First off, Danny didn’t even run. He was hiding in the vents of his house, where he overheard Kyle (Sam Robards) tell Karen (Denise Richards) that all signs pointed to Vikram being alive.

After getting out of the house and getting Jo (Maddie Hasson) and Lacey (Kylie Bunbury) in the same room the next day, Danny dropped the bomb: He didn’t kill Tara. Rather, he took the blame for his deceptive dad, who begged him to do it for everyone he cared about, especially Jo. Why? Something about Tara knowing secrets. Hmm. Could Jo be Vikram’s daughter? Considering his history with Tess, it seems like it’s a growing possibility.

With Kyle on the hunt for Vikram, using Lacey’s info about Regina that links the shady Marilyn Rossi to Danny’s dad, it’s pretty funny that Jo and Danny are able to get to the wanted man first. Jo rather boldly approaches Marilyn to get in touch with Vikram — and it works.

He shows up at the cabin, where Danny confronts his father for letting him take the fall for five years and counting. Distraught, he also demands his father explain why he’s framing him for Regina’s murder.

“Everything I did was for good reason,” Vikram says, confessing (whether truthfully or not) that people were, and still are, trying to kill him, putting everyone they care about in danger. Jo records Vikram’s confession on her phone, which he catches on to and snaps, bolting after her.

After a run through the woods that leads to a cliff, Danny rescues Jo from his enraged father, smashing him in the head with a branch. Unfortunately, the blow sends Vikram over the cliff, falling to his death. And just like that, “Twisted” turns innocent-all-along Danny into a killer, however justified.

And, since this is ABC Family, of course someone was watching. This isn’t good.

Spare Parts:

– So, Jo is totally Vikram’s kid, right? And could it be that Danny isn’t? The way Karen and this old friend Jack (Ivan Sergei) talk of their affair, and Sergei’s physical similarities to Jogia, it looks like the show’s got a bunch of paternity reveals up its sleeve. Or maybe not. We’ll see.

– This new guy, Charlie McBride, who pops up everywhere Lacey is, is up to no good, right? He’s clearly linked to this Regina situation. It’s no coincidence he was confused for Danny early on.

– Bets on how soon Marilyn turns up dead?

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