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Following up on the first post of the day about NBC's "infront" announcement of new shows to select advertisers, I just Twittered my gut reactions to clips of the pilots or presentations.

For the huge numbers of my Cuppers who don't yet Twitter, here they are:

"Community": For all sorts of personal

reasons, I'm inclined to like this. But I think I'd like it anyway.

100 Questions": Bridget Jones tries

online dating, goes on voyage of self-discovery. *yawn* And a couch.

"Mercy": Nurses kick butt, take names,

save lives. "China Beach" at home. Plus Michelle Trachtenberg.

"Mercy," part two: Not one

Filipino-American nurse as a lead, none w/accents. Not really my


"Mercy," part three: But nurses are awesome, at least they show that.

"Trauma": Thump! Boom! Crash! "We don't

have a moment.." It's "24," AFTER the casualties. Mild interest.

"Parenthood": I don't care, but then

I'm not a parent, so I guess that's not surprising. Meh.

"Day One" Just a behind-the-scenes shooting clip of

dusty people running, wrecked cars, debris. Uh, nah.

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