charlie sheen gi vertical 'Two and a Half Men': Charlie Sheen weighs in on Ashton KutcherOver 28 million people tuned in for the Season 9 premiere of “Two and a Half Men” to find out how Charlie Sheen‘s character would be written out — and one of those 28 million people was Sheen himself.

“That’s got to be the highest attended funeral of all time,” the actor tells Access Hollywood. “
It was a little bizarre watching it, but yeah, for the most part I was really impressed with what they did.”

He praises his former co-star, Jon Cryer, saying, “Jon is Jon. He’s a freaking genius,” and even gives Ashton Kutcher props: “I think everybody won. I thought the show was really good. I thought [Ashton] was terrific.”

Sheen and Kutcher spoke backstage at the Emmy Awards, but Sheen wasn’t keen to share details of their conversation. “Oh, that’s between us. You know I can’t reveal everything,” he says. “We’re just a couple of guys just shooting the s***, you know?”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie