charlie sheen melanie lynskey two and a half men 'Two and a Half Men's' Charlie Sheen: 'I miss working with him,' says Melanie LynskeyMelanie Lynskey would enjoy a rematch with Charlie Sheen.

The former Rose to his Charlie on CBS’ “Two and a Half Men” returns to the sitcom Thursday, Oct. 25, as her lovably spacey character sets her sights on Walden (Ashton Kutcher), despite warnings from Charlie’s brother Alan (Emmy winner Jon Cryer). Sheen famously has moved on to FX’s “Anger Management,” which has 90 more episodes coming … plenty of opportunity for a Sheen-Lynskey reunion.

“We talked about it right at the beginning,” pleasant New Zealand native Lynskey tells Zap2it, “and then I guess he accidentally tweeted his number to Justin Bieber and didn’t tell anyone his new number … so I haven’t been in touch with him since. Tell him to tweet me or something one of these days!”

Lynskey hopes an “Anger Management” guest shot remains a possibility for her: “I would love it. We had such a great relationship working together, weirdly from the first episode we did together. Our energy together fell into a really comfortable place straight away, and we were able to feel very safe with each other. I miss working with him.”

Also receiving strong notices for her starring role in the independent film “Hello I Must Be Going” and appearing in “The Perks of Being a Wallflower,” Lynskey realizes the order for 90 more “Anger Management” stories might offer room for her to do several. “We’ll see what happens,” she muses. “Let’s just start with one.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin