Tonight’s cuppa: decaf Irish breakfast tea

after seven seasons on FX, making it, IMHO, the best police series since "Hill Street Blues" and the single most consistent drama of any genre that I’ve ever seen. It never put a foot wrong, and a lot of credit for that goes to creator Shawn Ryan and his team, natch, and also to the superb cast.

Obviously, Michael Chiklis, as the unstoppable force of nature that is
LAPD Detective Vic Mackey, is the captain of this ship, but don’t forget his wingman and lieutenant, Det. Shane Vendrell (Walton Goggins).

Click here for my finale story with Goggins — one of the true nice guys of television. See ya down the road, darlin’.

Also Tuesday night, CBS’ "NCIS" does not end its season or, as far as I know, kill, maim or fire any major characters. Despite this, expect 17-18 million people to tune in, even though not that many of them will be in New York, Los Angeles or writing for trendy entertainment magazines. But I’ll be there, I suspect you’ll be there, and so will my tea mentor Tia Cupps (who gave me her thoughts yesterday on "24: Redemption").

After the episode, we’re going to confab cross-country for our first audio podcast. Actually, it won’t be a real podcast since I’m going to post it here in the blog rather than having it fed straight to subscribers, but if you put my blog into your RSS feed reader, that’s close enough.

I’ll get fancier later, after I listen to the recording and see whether we’re as funny as we think we are.

If not, I’ll make an especially strong cuppa, and it will all float away like a lovely dream.

Oh, and BTW, click here for my story with the charming and talented Rocky Carroll, a k a NCIS Director Leon Vance.


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