Today is the day: The Office returns. And for those of us wrapped up in the saga of Dunder-Mifflin Scranton, tonight’s season premiere is a serious event. As I reported over the Summer,
my sources say this evening’s episode will feature two love triangles: Dwight-Angela-Andy and Jan-Michael-Holly. And we’ll of course get the update on Jim and Pam’s relationship, four months after he almost proposed marriage. I sent KTV special correspondent Marisa Roffman to NBC’s Fall premiere party to find out more…

She first stumbled upon Phyllis Smith — aka Mrs. Bob Vance — who said her character will have
“a little change in status this season.” Marital status?!, Marisa asked. “No!,” Phyllis laughed. “Bob adores her. Something else within
the office.”

KTV’s conclusion? Based on cryptic sources, thorough research and couch potato’s intuition, we’re thinking that Phyllis has usurped Angela’s Party Planning Committee authority. As I’m sure you remember, Phyllis was the lady lucky enough to walk in on Dwangela doing the nasty, not long after Angela publicly accepted Andy Bernard’s marriage proposal… and I wouldn’t put it past Phyllis to hold that precious information over Angela’s head. My guess: Angela and Andy are still engaged, and Phyllis is using Dwangela’s dirty secret to her advantage.

As for the not engaged couple, looks like long distance is the current deal. Enjoying life sans Michael Scott, Pam is living in New York and attending art school, while her almost-f
Jim, mans the Dunder-Mifflin fort.
“I am going to be away from the Scranton office for a while,”
Jenna Fischer admitted. “The cameras follow my story in New York. But Jim will come
to visit and Pam will come to visit, so they’ll be seeing each other.”

So does that mean we’ll get a PB&J engagement sometime soon? Does Pam at least now know how close Jim came to popping the question? “She does say to him, I’m glad that we
haven’t moved forward because I would hate to spend the first three
months of our engagement apart. So they do kind of address it, but I
think it is still sort of hanging over their heads," Jenna revealed. "I think they’re
both really ready to make that next step, and the fact
that they’re ready and she has to go away is a little bit of a kink in
the relationship.”

And while that might sound a bit scary, Jenna insisted that Jim and
Pam are still together in the episode that the cast is currently shooting. But she
cautioned, "They are
struggling. Not too much, but really real normal stuff.”

On the not-so-normal end of the spectrum, we have a very pregnant Jan. And the question on the mind of many fans is whether or not Ms. Levinson’s sperm donor
was actually someone we know — perhaps Michael or maybe Hunter, her old
assistant? Melora Hardin laughed at the thought of both possibilities: “I like those rumors! I haven’t seen
the script that reveals [the answer to] that yet. I don’t know who it will be, we’ve
tossed around some ideas, but we don’t know yet.”

What we do know is that Jan will not react too kindly to Michael’s new love interest, Holly from HR (Amy Ryan). According to Melora, “We have one particularly good
scene that’s filled with wonderful subtext. Lots of unsaid threats.”
Though if Melora had her way, things would have gone a lot further: “I was pitching a
hair-pulling, bitch-slapping fight a la Dynasty." Sadly, it doesn’t sound like that went down. But I do believe Jan will emerge as the victor in the battle for Michael Scott’s heart, especially since Amy Ryan is only signed on for five episodes, while Melora — appearing in most of this season’s half hours —
is here for the long haul: “I’ve always
thought they can’t stand each other, yet they love each other," she said. "They
hate each other, they’re perfectly wrong for each other and yet they’re
perfectly right. I love them as a couple and I think they should end up
together when we end this whole series.”

Awww, right? Or no? What are you thinking? And what are you most looking forward to this season? Michael and Jan winning the world’s Worst New Parents award? Jim and Pam working towards the altar? Andy fighting Dwight for his woman’s heart? Let us hear it in the comments section…

Posted by:Korbi Ghosh