Don’t ask Javier Bardem if he’s dating Penelope Cruz!

And you thought Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon went to great lengths to avoid being photographed together. Javier and Penelope are treating their relationship as if it’s a state secret!

80003185 2 Javier and Penelope? Shhhh! It's a secret! Two photos of Penelope and Javier together at the Miramax/Audi post-Oscar bash at Bar Marmont on Sunday night were mysteriously yanked from the WireImage photo site on Monday morning.

But not before many people saw the cozy celebratory snaps of the long-rumored lovers.

I was gonna include the pretty pair in my Hot Oscar Night Couples photo gallery, but when I went back to download one of the two candid photos, they were gone!

I’ve been told by an inside source at one of the major photo agencies that the site was no longer permitted to license those images. "They were asked to remove the photos. Apparently, they’re not an official couple yet."

That’s just silly. Woody Harrelson actually spilled the beans about the Latin lovers a few weeks ago at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

While lauding his new pal Bardem, Harrelson marveled, "and I didn’t find out until last night that you’re also dating Penelope Cruz!" which totally embarrassed the secretive Bardem.

Apparently Woody didn’t get the no-Penelope-talk memo!

The no-talk rule may be broken soon. I hear that Penelope met Bardem’s mom on Oscar night. Maybe if she gives the thumbs up, Penelope and Javier won’t have to hide their love any longer.

Photos: Javier goes All Sugar on Josh Brolin at the post party! Penelope was nearby, trust me! But those photos are out of circulation. For now.


Posted by:Elizabeth Snead