tyler perry getty Tyler Perry as 'Alex Cross' versus 'Paranormal Activity 4': Box office faceoffThe weekend of Oct. 19 brings two very different films to the box office. Tyler Perry will duke it out as “Alex Cross,” the homicide detective/psychologist from the James Patterson novels originated on film by Morgan Freeman, against “Paranormal Activity 4.”

The latest shaky-cam horror movie installment is certainly coming out in an optimal weekend, considering Halloween is days away. Plus, it’s got “Catfish” documentarians Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman as directors, which will give the latest twist on the haunted family story a new point of view

It’ll be an interesting battle, though, because “Cross” is Perry’s highest-profile dramatic role to date that he hasn’t written himself. Regardless of how it performs, studio brass is already planning a sequel. Deadline reports that Perry is in talks to star in another Cross film, based on the Patterson novel “Double Cross.”

Box office prognosticators are predicting a solid $40-$50 million for “Paranormal,” which only cost $6 million to make (per the LA Times), while “Cross” is expected to bring in about $15 million.

What are you planning on seeing this weekend?

Posted by:Jean Bentley