tyler-perry-GI.jpgThe four-alarm fire that consumed part of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta on Tuesday was so intense, according to experts, that the fire department will not be able to determine the source or the cause.

“The cause of the fire will be recorded as undetermined,” says the Atlanta fire chief in a statement. “The intensity of the fire in the area of origin consumed any evidence that would lead to a cause of ignition.”

More than 100 firefighters responded to the fire in order to keep it from spreading to the other buildings on the studio lot. Luckily, it only damaged the exterior of one building, though the water from the firefighters did get into the interior. No injuries were reported.

Perry hasn’t made a statement, but he’s gotten support from a very famous friend. “I also like to thank my friend and younger big brother ; his backlot studio was damaged by fire last night,” Oprah Winfrey tweeted. “His attitude in the midst of it all was calm and feeling blessed no one was injured. Real Grace under fire.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie