tyler perry oprah winfrey Tyler Perry tops Forbes list of highest paid men in entertainment

Remember that guy who had a few lines in the “Star Trek” reboot? It was during the scene when Kirk was on trial at Starfleet Academy. No? Well that was Tyler Perry and he is the highest paid man in the entertainment industry.

To be fair, Perry is a very-well known, multi-talented writer/actor/director/producer whose Madea movies have been a multiplex staple for the past few years. In addition, his highly successful TV shows including “House of Payne” have netted Perry a cool $130 million over the past year. Not bad for a former playwright who has only come on the scene in the past few years.

The annual Forbes Magazine list includes the following rich-as-all-Hell Hollywood types:

  • 1) Tyler Perry: $130 million
  • 2) Jerry Bruckheimer: $113 million
  • 3) Steven Spielberg: $107 million
  • 4) Elton John: $100 million
  • 5) Simon Cowell: $90 million
  • 6) James Patterson: $84 million
  • 7) Dr. Phil McGraw: $80 million
  • 8) Leonardo DiCaprio: $77 million
  • 9) Howard Stern: $76 million
  • 10) Tiger Woods: $75 million

Only one actor on the whole list. Remember that, young’ns — it pays to produce.

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